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"I have studied public art extensively and I have worked in the realm of community art for close to a decade. Over the years I have seen a lot of both public and community art. I can honestly say that the Mosaic exemplifies the best part of what public and community art strive for, and that is a greater and more democratic voice in our public sphere. The mosaic exemplifies this in how it was created, its process, and of course in its stunning form" 

- Jeremy Jeresky.

The newest addition to London’s collection of public art — an 84 square metre mosaic on the east outer wall of the Dundas Street in Lodnon Ontario that houses the London Clay Art Centre in Old East Village.

The mosaic is filled with images to reflect London and Canada’s history and especially its people. The centre’s Canada 150 project was created entirely by the hands of about 650 Londoners representing people from all walks of life and cultures.